Welcome to the new InterworkArchitects.com! | Interwork Architects

Welcome to the new InterworkArchitects.com!

Over the past several months Interwork has worked on improving our web site – making it accessible to a broader range of devices, providing more information to visitors,  improving how you find information. We’re not all the way there yet but we couldn’t wait any longer to share what we’ve been doing. The new site says more about how we see our work and our relationship with our clients. And tries to do it succinctly – we’re pretty sure you aren’t interested in a lot of archi-babble: this ain’t no parti, this ain’t no schema. It’s work. We’ve made it easier to seek out information about our experience, the clients we already serve and the various services we provide them. You’ll still find our staff members and our office, plus we’ve added links to other media and the opportunity to speak with you and share what we’ve been working on, thinking about, reading, and watching. In the coming months we’ll be adding more descriptions of the projects and work we’re doing and continuing to post items of interest about our work, our client’s projects, and what’s going on in the business, design, real estate and construction communities. Plus other stuff we just want to share.

Thanks to Interwork’s staff who managed to squeeze in contributions while handling their client’s needs, our design partners on this venture who put up with our prioritizing client’s over tackling web issues, the friends of Interwork who gave us their feedback on seeking out information and to all our clients over Interwork’s first eighteen years who taught us – and continue to – about delivering architectural and interior design services that leveraged our experience and skills to move their organizations closer to their goals. And while it’s fun along the way, it’s about your work. And our work. It’s Interwork.