Interwork Architects | Northbrook, IL
Bannockburn Lakes Office Plaza Amenities Center | Bannockburn, IL | 7,200 Sq Ft
Duluth Trading Co. | Noblesville, IN | 15,000 Sq Ft
AveXis | Bannockburn, IL | 13,000 Sq Ft
Club Automation | Bannockburn, IL | 5,900 Sq Ft
RevenueWell | Bannockburn, IL | 8,880 Sq Ft
Bannockburn Atrium Fitness Center | Bannockburn, IL | 2,100 Sq Ft
NorthShore Univ. HealthSystem Lake Forest MOB | Lake Forest, IL | 18,750 Sq Ft
NorthShore Univ. HealthSystem Niles MOB | Niles, IL | 34,000 Sq Ft
Northwest Health Care Associates | Hoffman Estates, IL | 27,000 Sq Ft
Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC | Lake Zurich, Illinois | 45,430 SF
Anixter Annex | Glenview, IL | 31,000 Sq Ft
Pulte | Del Webb – Grand Dominion | Mundelein, IL | Clubhouse
Barrington Square Façade Renovation | Hoffman Estates, IL | 200,000 Sq Ft
Northbrook Riverpark | Northbrook, IL | Seven Building Office Park
NorthShore Univ. HealthSystem | Buffalo Grove | Buffalo Grove, IL | 10,500 Sq Ft
DuPage Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram | Glendale Heights, IL | 38,000 Sq Ft
in•ter•sect \in-tər-sekt\ to share a common area : overlap
in•ter•sti•tial \in-tər-’sti-shəl\ a space that intervenes between things
in•ter•twine \in-tər-twin\ to become mutually involved
in•ter•work \in•ter•wurk\ v., pl. -works.
1. to combine parts into a stronger whole.
2. to work with architects & designers who understand your work and the
operations that make your organization successful.
a. that the work of getting there is as important as the built outcome.
b. that relationships enrich work and enable solutions.
in•ter•woven \in-tər-wēv\ weave or become woven together
in•ti•mate \in-tə-māt\ close in friendship or acquaintance; familiar
in•to \in-tü,-te\ passing from outside of a thing to its interior parts;