About Us

Since 1995, Interwork Architects has been providing the high level of client service that defines our practice. We pride ourselves in developing close and growing relationships with our clients.  Essentially acting as in-house architect to organizations, we combine a solid understanding of our clients’ functional, business, and cultural goals with our vast technical, design and operational expertise.

Our Mission

At Interwork Architects Inc. our mission is to:

  • Help our clients reach their goals by serving their diverse needs.
  • Continually raise the quality of our services with sensitivity and attention to our clients’ requirements.
  • Foster relationships where our services and the product of our work evolve to fit the changing needs of the people we serve.
  • Fill our work with creativity, integrity, camaraderie and adventure.
  • Always grow as individuals and to reward all the participants personally, professionally and financially.
  • Act as a positive force in the community.
  • Continually seek and create opportunities that stretch the limits of our practice.