Kyoo Oh

As part of Interwork’s architectural team since 2004, Kyoo has played a significant role on commercial buildings, office interiors and physical therapy centers, as well as numerous new clubhouse buildings and interiors for residential development. He is proficient in integration of technology and architectural design, working on digital presentation models and renderings. A former internet entrepreneur, Kyoo also manages Interwork’s IT infrastructure and provides daily in-house IT support. Prior to earning his Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan, Kyoo was part of the international competition winning design team for the new National Museum of Korea. 

If I weren’t an architect: I would be a musician or an information architect.

Favorite cities I visited: Vigevano, Verona, Milano, Geneva, Paris, Rome, Kyoto, Yokohama, Jeju.

My next bucket list of places to visit: Villarrica Volcano (Chile), Reykjavík, Taj Mahal, Zhangjiajie (China), Machu Picchu(Peru), Petra(Jordan), Salar de Uyuni(Bolivia)