Susan R 2

Susan Reid

Becoming a partner in 2021, Susan has 18 years’ experience in a wide range of project types.  Susan oversees relationships for multi-campus clients in the medical, and office sectors as well as developing elegant solutions to complex problems for corporate clients.  Susan’s focus is on providing guidance for clients from project inception through completion.  She has facilitated multiple types and sizes of projects from small office tenant improvements to large-scale, multi-phase projects including a 161,000 square foot new construction warehouse expansion.  One of Susan’s roles is operational in nature, assigning project teams and making sure projects throughout the office are properly staffed and running smoothly.  Susan is a licensed architect (NCARB certified), AIA member, ALA member, and LEED Accredited Professional, with a Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University and a minor in Architectural History.

Favorite book: Lord of the Flies

Favorite cities you have visited: Barcelona, San Diego, Nassau, Bahamas

Favorite food: Pizza!!

If you won the lottery: I’d play with my Bulldogs all day, every day

3 things you couldn’t live without: Starbucks, Butkus & Payton (my bulldogs), my Jeep – in that order.